Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Effective Asset Management is Imperative- Find out Why

Enterprises have invested in and developed comprehensive IT asset management programs and although some have made significant progress with their programs, many have are struggling with programs that may not be adequate enough. It has become necessary to for enterprises to continue to emphasize cost control for IT assets. For effective and successful IT asset management programs, it is necessary to have a balanced focus on three vital rudiments which are people, process and technology. And enterprises need to develop asset management strategies and identify timelines, risks and business and technology requirements. If your organization already has an asset management program in place then it is the right time to enhance the same with a process refinement. If you are beginning to implement an asset management program, then it is a good idea to focuses more on processes and less on implementing asset management tools. 
Asset Management is an essential enterprise task that facilitates hardware and software management, license compliance, regulatory compliance, and security. An effective asset management important as it can save companies time, money, and lots of management problems. And to have effective asset management, it is clearly necessary to have good information systems. Understanding the processes and examining what is being done, what is managed and has to be gotten out of the assets is also vitally necessary. Although most trends toward system leasing and IT service desk can reduce operating costs, control is essentially important to achieve utmost benefit.
With a good asset management solution, an audit of manufacturer model is provided with the serial number, processor configuration, and even memory installed with free slots making memory upgrades and disposal fully projected up front. As software license compliance requires an accurate audit of all software applications installed on client computers across the network, effective asset management audits this information quickly and also helps an organization to separate primary applications from operating system and shareware software. By recognizing installations of products no longer in use and redundant software, there can be significant cost savings.
Effective IT asset management is imperative for your enterprise as helps realize your business goals by providing financially focused asset data that allows the control of IT outsourcing costs and achieve cost reduction. It also simplifies the growing complexity of license management and provides the foundation for the data in the asset database.

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